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Quality made in Germany - DimaRolling Mills are built for the eternity.

Logo of DINKEL Maschinenbau GmbH

Dima based on the traditional company DInkel Machinery Engineering. We supplied numerous content customers from all ranges of the metalworking industry for more than six decades.

We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high-quality precision rolling machines, longitudial slitters and wire-drawing machines. One result of our work is that Dinkelrolling mills and plants brought our name world-wide in connection with quality and longevity.

DIMA Maschinen-Handelsgesellschaft mbH

In our production program are both - large rolling plants for the employment in industry & research, and hand-operated and motordriven rolling mills for sheets and wire for the goldsmith or jewelers.

Considerable enterprises from electric / electronic industry, the sheet metal processing, the jewellery industry, state enterprises and private mints, gold and silver refineries, laboratories and material test institutes, universities and high schools rank among to our customers master.

You can see a small excerpt of our reference list here.

In accordance with our slogan "For each task the optimal plant" we adapt our products to your needs. Whether duo or four-high mill, whether wire, plate or volume rolling plant, whether precious metals, alloys or steel in the cold-rolling procedure are to be worked on, whether with hand operation, like for goldsmiths or digitally controled plants - precision from our house guarantees you permanent quality with your products.

History in the overview

- 1948 establishment of the company Dinkel mechanical engineering by Eugen Dinkel in Esslingen

- 1953 development of rolling machine production and assembly workshop

- 1968 shifting of the firm head office to Hochdorf (Baden-Württemberg)

- 1996 reestablishment in "Dima Maschinen- Handelsgesellschaft mbH" in Esslingen